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Cidade: Fortaleza - CE

Especialidades: Working since 2003 with the production of CGI and Motion Graphics. Acting mainly in the areas of Architectural Visualization, Education (teaching VFX), Interactive Media and Visual Effects for TV and Advertising. Self-taught, with advanced expertise in the area of 3d Graphics. Graduating in UNIFOR (University of Fortaleza) in the course of Audiovisual and New Medias.

Has worked on projects in collaboration with other artists. Most of time in the role of 3d Lead Artist or as Creative Director. Also worked as independent, freelance 3d Generalist and Motiongrapher. Always motivated, seeking innovation. Fast to adapt to new solutions and used to work under pressure and tight deadlines.

Currently working in an Architecture Office producing and teaching VFX and 3d CGI. Seeks knowledge through new experiences in the VFX industry.

- Project Management, capable of organizing and leading projects.
- Ability to talk and speak in public, natural talent for teaching.
- Linear workflow (Gamma corrected).
- Render passes and layers.
- Photoreal rendering, lightning and shading.
- Organic and Hard-surface modeling and mapping.
- 3d character development and animation.
- Precision Modeling with CAD data.
- Motion graphics and VFX.
- Experience with game engines and game assets (Unity & Quest3d).
- Experience with game content creation for mobile (Unity for Android & Iphone).
- Lightbaking and model optimizations for realtime processing.
- Basic Programming skills (MEL, After Effects, PHP, HTML5).
- Motion Graphics, Editing and Compositing.
- Rotoscoping and Chromakey (Green / Blue).
- Camera mapping / Matchmoving.
- 3D Studio Max
- Maya
- Softimage XSI
- Scanline, Mental Ray and V-ray renderer.
- Mudbox
- Autocad
- Photoshop
- After Effects
- Illustrator
- Premiere
- Encore

- 2003: I-nova, web development and animation studio based in Fortaleza, Ceará. Co-founder.
- 2004-2006: Freelance artist for Archviz and advertising.
- 2006-2008: Muniz Deusdará Architects. 3d Lead Artist and Motion Grapher.
- 2008-2010: Teesla Animation Studios. VFX Studio based in Fortaleza, Ceará. Creative Director, VFX / 3d Teacher and Co-founder.
- 2010-2011: MD Arquitetos. Architecture office. Associate Senior 3d Lead Artist for Archviz / interactive media and VFX / 3d teacher.

Fortaleza - CE

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